This Interactive Route 66 Guide Will Give You Leadfoot

Juicy tidbits and a 29-hour playlist for the ultimate road trip

It’s ironic that one of the best online guides to Route 66 would come from British folks. U.K. travel site eShores put together an interactive roadmap to “Mother Road,” filled with interesting details about the 90-year-old highway connecting Los Angeles to Chicago and tips for the best drive of your life.

Read up on Oklahoma’s famous Kuk-Kuk burger restaurant—with its giant fiberglass cuckoo bird—and the Midpoint Cafe in Texas, where drivers can mark the halfway point of their journey by indulging in a piece of “ugly pie.” eShores’ guides also offers destinations worth turning off Route 66 for, including southern California sites like the country’s oldest McDonald’s and the WigWam Motel, with its teepee lodgings.

There are also videos embedded throughout the guide (wonder if the Rolling Stones played “Route 66” when they performed in Cuba?), and a 29-hour playlist that will get you through a good chunk of the journey. eShores made the guide to promote a Route 66 trip they’re offering travelers, which looks pretty awesome.

With its anniversary, interest is high in the iconic “Mother Road,” which has inspired TV shows and museum exhibits. Our editor-in-chief recently did the whole 2,448-mile trip with her family; read about it here.