The Insanely Luxurious Vehicles We Saw Car-Watching at the Grove’s Valet


What Los Angeles teaches you is to be mindful of what’s on the road next to you. It also can make you, if you try hard enough, to appreciate just how this city really is a fantasy-land for cars. Take away the envy — again, being mindful — and you’ll see just how spoiled we are here in Los Angeles with the absurd amount of sheer awesomeness on the road.

Sitting at the valet station is a lot like going to zoo, except with a lot more chrome and lots more plastic surgery. As a car lover, there really is no better place to fill the need to see some insane metal than posting up for a few minutes at a busy valet station. Really, it’s better than TV, and with about the same amount of B-List actors.

For the best bang for the buck, it’s worth it to park yourself on a bench in front of a fancy store, a really nice restaurant, or as I did, at the Grove and sit down and start counting the cars that roll through.

In a 30-minute spell, I counted only the really, really, really nice cars that worked their way through the Grove’s Valet Circle station (and created an annotated list below). Thirty minutes on a Monday afternoon; really I wasn’t expecting much.

Lo, was I wrong. In the half an hour I was there, I counted well over $3.6 million worth of cars rolling through the valet stand. That’s million with an M. The Gentleman Journalist was shocked – SHOCKED!

Never mind the fact that I left out the more than $200,000 worth of non-luxury cars – a fully loaded Honda Accord here, a Mazda 6 there, a gaggle of Lincoln Town Cars, a murder of Toyota Priuses.

From a slew of tricked out Mercedes Benz AMG models to gleaming a pair of Bentleys — a Mulsanne and a Continental GT — there really was everything, including two hard to get brand new Land Rover Range Rovers, each, when loaded, a cool $120K.

My favorite car of the day came with its own included security detail — a blacked-out Cadillac Escalade ESV. The car, an over the top beacon of conspicuous consumption, was the new Rolls Royce Phantom Drophead Coupe, which starts at $469,900 and goes up and up in price from there.

People watching, car watching, soaking in the sun, is there a more L.A. pursuit?

The Grove Valet Station, Monday, 4:20 p.m. to 4:50 p.m.:

Bentley Mulsanne: $298,900
Mercedes-Benz ML63 AMG, $96,100
Two (2) Land Rover Range Rover Supercharged: $101,025
Rolls Royce Phantom Drophead Coupe: $469,900
GMC Yukon Denali: $62,680
Cadillac Escalade ESV (security detail for the Rolls Royce): $66,345
BMW 335i: $45,400
Four (4) Mercedes-Benz E550: $61,400
Mercedes-Benz E63: $92,770
Mercedes-Benz E350 Wagon: $58,600
Audi S5: $52,000
Two (2) Mercedes-Benz GL550: $86,900
Audi A6 3.0T: $55,100
Hyundai Equus: $61,250
Mercedes-Benz E350 Coupe: $52,200
Audi Allroad: $40,700
BMW 528i: $49,500
Bentley Continental GT: $196,700
BMW 750 Li: $78,000