Is L.A.’s Hottest New Concert Venue an Underground Parking Garage? Possibly

L.A.-based group We Are The West brings new meaning to ’garage band’

Some may see a subterranean parking garage and think, Get me out of here as fast as possible. Not the band We Are The West—they stage performances in the dank confines of a car bunker.

The three-member L.A. based band will play tunes on Saturday in the garage of 701 Santa Monica Boulevard at 8 p.m. (who needs Coachella?). We Are The West are not new to playing before sea-level—every full moon they perform where our cars rest.

This is how the band describes it: “We Are The West has cultivated a loyal following, in large part through their ongoing and immersive concert series in the underground parking garage of an office building… The Saturday before each full moon, the band transforms an everyday office parking garage into an extraordinary performance space. Different guests open each night, from established artists and acclaimed younger bands, to chamber groups and avant-garde sound experiments. ” Below, watch a video of the band (performing above-ground).

While we’ve never experienced a concert in an underground parking garage, it feels like the wave of the future. As our city, and world, shifts to greater use of rideshare apps and autonomous vehicles—which can be put into use after they drop passengers off, instead of just sitting idle—we’re going to need to think of creative ways to fill all the space we’ve carved out for cars. Besides concerts, here are a few more ideas:

• Gala event space (no one will complain about the noise!)
• Roller derby venues (ample space to do some damage)
• Dog parks (we can never have enough of those)