Here Are the Parking Rates Coming to 9 Metro Stations

The days of freebies are coming to an end

It’s not news that Metro is considering ending their practice of free parking at their train stations, but now we have intel on what exactly the new policy is going to look like.

A Metro document, leaked on the Fans of Los Angeles Metro Rail Facebook page, showed that the agency will soon launch a pilot program that includes parking fees at nine stations—three of which will be on the new Expo Line extension to Santa Monica, which opens in May.

From West L.A. to East L.A., anyone will be able to park in Metro’s lots and garages, even if they’re not hopping on the train. Of course, the non-train riders will pay more for the privilege. Here are the rates Metro is considering, and at what stations (click image to see the whole graph):


TAP cards will identify transit riders with “parking equipment capable of verifying proof of fare payment and if parkers used the transit system within 96 hours will be used.”

The pilot program will likely launch in May when the Expo Line opens to the beach, and Metro will reevaluate the plan in September. The agency hopes to pull in $600,000 a year from the new fees.

Meanwhile, the Gold Line extension to Azusa opens on March 5 with six new stations and 1,525 new parking spots—all free, for now.