Here’s How Beautiful L.A. Freeways Look Without Cars

Photographer Alex Scott risks life and limb to get a new view of our city

You might call homegrown lensman Alex Scott a thrill artist. The 34-year-old from Beachwood Canyon climbs onto L.A. streets and freeways to try to get that magic shot—an L.A. road with no cars.

Scott has managed to capture dozens of iconic Los Angeles images that lack that one element that’s almost always part of L.A. photography. The canyons look a bit ominous and the skyline foreboding without all the taillights. There’s also something beautiful and Oz-like to a city with no traffic; you can almost imagine Dorothy and Toto skipping down the 110 toward Bunker Hill.

Scott is a self-proclaimed night owl, fascinated by the “power and loneliness of the dead of night.” He’ll position himself above the freeways, on medians, or in the middle of streets to get the perfect picture, which can sometimes take hours or mere minutes.

With over 140 car-less shots of L.A., Scott is hoping to assemble the images for a book. Click here to help him reach his goal via Kickstarter.