Your L.A. Lyft Driver Could Be the Next Clooney


Over 250 local Lyft drivers made a pit stop at Siren Studios Tuesday night, celebrating the popular service’s new look.

The fresh aesthetic included the “glowstache.” Lyft cars are famous (infamous?) for the giant pink mustaches that festoon the vehicles, but the illuminated glowstaches are smaller and made to fit inside the cars. Lyft drivers were given their ‘staches at the party, which was attended by Lyft co-founder John Zimmer. There was the requisite food and drinks, but also free detailing for Lyft drivers and a chalkboard to describe interesting passengers.

Lyft is throwing similar bashes in New York and San Francisco, and recently released some interesting facts about their drivers, passengers, and their effects on their respective cities. Lyft riders in L.A. and San Francisco spent a total of $156 million more on coffee, retail, and, unsurprisingly, bars. The app also reports that 57% of their drivers in L.A. work in a creative profession. Lyft drivers: the new actors/waiters.