Gold Crush: Here’s How to Get to Metro’s Newest Stations

Parking spots are at a premium at the new Foothill extension

Folks are loving the Gold Line Foothill extension, which opened to the public on March 5 and carried 30,000 people on its opening day. Now, that the line is up and running, there’s been grumbling about difficulties getting to the train stations, many of which are a mile or so away from major population centers. All six of the stations were built with parking garages, but like the surface lot at the North Hollywood Red Line station, they’re usually filled way before the work day begins.

Here are some tips to avoid circling for a spot when you’re racing against time:

  1. Irwindale! The two Azusa stations are some of the busiest, thanks to their proximity to the city’s downtown and several colleges. The Irwindale station is a bit remote and Metro reports the parking garage there is almost always the least crowded on the extension.
  2. Kiss and ride. All stations, from Arcadia to the Azusa APU, offer spots for the drop-off and pick-up of passengers. Besides convenient, there’s something romantic about taking your significant other to a train station.
  3. Hop on the bus. Many San Gabriel Valley commuters are new to the bus, but if they’re willing to hop on the train, it’s not that different. Making things easier is Arcadia is running a new shuttle to and from stations; the service will be free until at least mid-June.
  4. Park on the street. Get a little morning exercise by parking a quarter-mile or half-mile from the station. Just make sure to read the signage as many cities have parking regulations/limits. A peek on Google Street View shows street parking is most possible at the Arcadia, Monrovia, and Irwindale stations.

Hopefully helping the situation will be the new presence of parking attendants, which Metro promised will monitor the garages during the morning rush. The attendants will inform commuters which garages are full and help prevent drivers who aren’t riding the train from parking in the garages. Good luck out there!