Six Coachella Parking Tips Not to Forget


Our favorite music festival is happening right now and once you’re there it’s hard not to love every minute of the experience, save for one: the parking. Where are the entrances? Which lot is the easiest option? Remembering and finding your parking spot can be a big come-down after all the music and revelry. Here are some tips to save the day.

1) Try parking in lot 14 or 15 first; they’re located near the intersection of Avenue 52 and Clinton. These lots have a relatively straight walking path—the blue one—to the festival.

2) If those lots are filled, a second option is lots 1B and 1C; they’re located at Monroe and Avenue 49, near the Uber and taxi stands. At these lots, follow the yellow path to the polo fields.

3) Once parked, take pictures of your surroundings! There are also markers to help you remember, so snap those too.

4) Take everything valuable out of your car or hide them in the trunk. It sounds like a “duh” suggestion, but many people are so anxious to get to the festival they overlook a phone or bag in the backseat.

5) Get a charge! Electric cars can get a boost in Lot 11B.

6) Retrieve your car by 2 a.m. or it will be towed.

Have fun out there, folks!