Female Cougar Does the Near Impossible: Crosses the 101 Safely


A cougar has safely traversed the 101, and it wasn’t for a date in the Valley (bahdum-ching). A 16-month-old female mountain lion, named P-33 by the National Park Service, is the first big cat to successfully cross the freeway since her father accomplished the same feat six years ago, reports LA Observed. In the 13 years since the NPS began studying the local lions, the father and daughter are the only cats to successfully get past the 101 without getting killed.

It’s not only amazing that P-33 got across safely, but her achievement holds great meaning for the health of the local mountain lion population. Dangerous in-breeding has occurred in the lions living in the Santa Monica Mountains and Santa Susana Mountains, which are bisected and cut off by the freeway.

P-33 — who just separated from her mother — is moving north, crossing the freeway in the early hours of March 9 at the Conejo Grade near Camarillo. While we can all cheer this lioness’ prowess, it doesn’t diminish the need for a safe crossing for the animals; something that’s been proposed but not yet built.