Our Dreams of a New VW Microbus Have Been Dashed


Rumors about the release of a 2015 Volkswagen Microbus exploded this weekend after an under-the-radar surfing website published fraudulent photos, price listings, and a debut date for a car that doesn’t even exist. The article seemed too good to be true: it claimed the microbus would be available as soon as Fall 2014 at a reasonable price of $25,000. Allegedly, the new VW model would feature bench seats that could fold down into a bed—perfect for an outdoorsy getaway or a nap during lunch hour.

Bummer alert: Volkswagen has no plans to release a microbus anytime soon. It appears that We Are Surfers photoshopped pictures of the company’s 2011 concept car, called the Bulli. As for the numbers—looks like the site just plumb made them up. Not cool.

Those who (suspiciously) did research on the 2015 VW microbus “announcement” may have been mislead by Autoweek’s coverage of the potential revamp of the German brand’s signature van in the spring of this year. This second article speculates that microbus fans may get their hands on a new model by 2019 when the latest Beetle is set to be unveiled. However, none of this information has been verified by Volkswagen.

Contrarily, the company took to Twitter in July to dispel any gossip about their plans to bring the VW bus back:

Couldn’t have said it better ourselves.