WeHo Launched a Drag-tastic Web Show to Announce a Street Closure

Take Sunset, go past La Cienega, turn right on Crescent Heights…

The City of West Hollywood likes getting creative with their traffic advisories. Last year they commissioned a video for pedestrian safety starring RuPaul’s Drag Race star Willam (where she crosses Santa Monica Boulevard dolled up as “Alice in WeHoLand”).

Call it a repeat gig. The City of West Hollywood has hired Willam again, this time to alert the public to the upcoming closure of La Cienega Boulevard. Starting on August 17 and lasting until some time in September, the street will be shuttered from Fountain to Sunset to necessitate upgrades and construction connected to the massive Sunset La Cienega mixed-use project.

The new video, appropriately-titled “The WeHoans,” is a play on Saturday Night Live‘s infamous Californians skit, featuring bubble-headed Angelenos sleeping with each other and discussing traffic routes. “The WeHoans” offer the same, but with an appearance by Drag Race star Bianca del Rio and an emphasis on the La Cienega closure. Will it resonate? Well, the “Alice in WeHoland” video has over 1.1 million hits—that’s about 30 times the population of West Hollywood.

The first episode of “The WeHoans” is below, as well as on the City’s Web site, and Willam’s YouTube channel. Two more episodes will be released on August 19 and the 26.