Dogs Running Loose on L.A. Freeways Is Becoming a Thing

Let’s stop this trend now

Two disturbing dog-on-freeway tales have emerged this month. First, there was the woman who led police on a wild chase on the 710 before finally being outsmarted by police in Long Beach last week. In the car with the 48-year-old Santa Ana woman were six dogs, all of which took off running after their mistress surrendered. Less than a week later, on Saturday, what looked like a boxer and a German Shepherd were seen sprinting down the 210 in Azusa—and it was caught on camera.

In both instances, all the dogs were rescued before anything tragic could happen. The six dogs scooped up on the 710 included three pit bull puppies (four months old!), their mom, and two other dogs. As of last week they were in a shelter, according to ABC7, hopefully awaiting new parents who won’t make them accessories to crime.

As for the pups on the 210, crafty car maneuvers enabled drivers to close in on the dogs and scoop them up and into cars—after the dogs, and their pursuers, ran for nearly a mile. The good samaritans who saved the dogs told NBC4 that they had no idea where these two fleet-of-paw pooches came from, but at least one may be chipped with electronic tags. The two canines are now at a shelter following their harrowing adventure.