Road Rage Gets Worse Each Day of the Workweek, Apparently

A study of Instagram hashtags reveals an uptick in anger as Friday approaches

How much can be gleamed from Instagram hashtags is debatable (especially when it involves driving—wait until you’re parked!), but an insurance company combed through over 65,000 posts to get a handle on when #roadrage hits the hardest.

Whether or not you’re dubious of the results, they do appear to make sense. Road rage rises with each day of the stressful work week—Monday is relatively calm, but things boil over by Friday. Road relations are the most serene on God’s day, even with all those Sunday drivers.

With traffic seemingly lighter in the mornings than in the evenings—at least in this city—that dynamic plays out in reports of #roadrage. Throughout the week, mornings are manageable while temperatures rise throughout the day, peaking at 6 p.m.

Posts are also broken down by month, with August, July, and  March clocking the most fury, respectively. In other cities, where temps rise dramatically in the summer, that’s to be expected. Here in L.A., summer is usually less horrible traffic-wise, with schools and colleges out for the season.

Of course, there are the obligatory tips at combating the anger, like counting, breathing, and sipping water. Ours here at L.A. Driver: just let it go. A month from now, you’re not going to remember that BMW cutting you off, but karma might.

h/t: Good