Hancock Park’s Crumbling Concrete Streets Are Finally Getting an Overhaul

Roads not fixed for decades will get new life

Nine months after word got out that Hancock Park’s beat-up roads were finally getting repaved, work crews are out in force. The neighborhood, one of the oldest outside of downtown, has concrete-paved streets, which last longer than asphalt roads. Even so, Hancock Park’s streets haven’t gotten touched up in nearly half-a-century and the potholes are epic.

Initially, there was talk of repaving these roads with asphalt, a cheaper material than concrete and one that modern work crews are more familiar working with. Locals and Councilman David Ryu opted for the OG material instead, not only because it lasts longer—between 50 and 70 years—but appears cleaner and smoother, an aesthetic consideration for locals but also one for studios, which often film in the area.

“One of the main reasons why filming occurs so much in Hancock Park is because of its look,” Ryu told reporters last week.

For now, two neighborhood intersections are being repaved; workers will then fan out to fix 10 other streets in the city, including in the Hollywood Hills, CBS Los Angeles reports. That’s nice, but Boyle Heights, Koreatown, and South L.A. have junky streets, too.