Coolest Motorcycle Ever Fetches $77K at Auction


You may have already forgotten about the 2010 Tron sequel known as TRON: Legacy—the tepidly-reviewed film that starred Jeff Bridges, Garrett Hedlund, and Olivia Wilde—but this “lightcycle” should jog your memory.

The movie’s most memorable set pieces were its sleek bikes that looked nothing like the hogs we’re used to. With wheels that lit up and an off-kilter design that required drivers lie in a prostrate position, the lightcycles were out of this world (now, if only the plot matched that ingenuity). The look of the film was so outstanding, courtesy of production designer Darren Gilford, that it spawned no shortage of Legacy heads.

Hoping to bank on that, one of the country’s biggest car collections, the Andrews Collection, commissioned a replica be built. Andrews then swiftly put the fully-functioning lightcycle on the market, where it fetched $77,000, according to Gizmodo.

Imagine roaring down the street in this baby! For now, take a look of a replica being ridden by a very brave un-helmeted driver below. Oh, and keep an eye out for another planned Tron sequel, which is set to go into production soon.