Career Criminal Booked For L.A.’s Scariest Car Chase in Years


An oft-arrested man named Aaron Lorta is now in custody—and should be preparing to have the book thrown at him—after leading police on an insane Monday evening car chase that included crashes, gunshots, and a carjacking.

It started when Lorta allegedly stole a car in Boyle Heights as the evening rush hour began. Police began following the armed 29-year-old until he crashed, carjacked a young woman, and hit the 105 west and the 710 north while hitting several vehicles. It was traffic that did him in: stuck on the 60 in Montebello, Lorta jumped from the car and led the police on a foot chase. Police fired when Lorta tried to carjack another driver and arrested him soon after. He spent part of Tuesday in surgery for gunshot wounds before being booked, the L.A. Times reports.

Not only were news helicopters following Lorta from above, but drivers recorded his actions—including carjacking 22-year-old Elizabeth Yarahuan—on cell phone cameras. Seeing Lorta running in the middle of a freeway with a gun is scary enough, but the same footage as seen from a few feet away is even more frightening.

Lorta served time for an attempted-robbery arrest in 2013 and has convictions including battery and grand theft dating back eight years.