If You Build An Easier Valet, Drivers Will Come


After a lunch meeting at a chi-chi restaurant, you wait for your car to be retrieved at the valet. The harried valet hands pulls up, you dig in your purse or wallet for the fee and tip, and… you have zero cash.

Even as the age of bills and coins goes the way of quill pens, many annoying purchases still require them. An app called CurbStand is a remedy for that sinking feeling when you have nothing to offer at the valet stand. The technology allows drivers to identify the nearest valet and pay and tip via the phone. The generated confirmation number is then shown to the valet and a confirmation sent to the driver via email.

The year-old app, based locally, recently teamed up with Fatburger for a promotion called the #soLAvalet campaign, where the CurbStand service was offered at the Downtown and West Hollywood outposts. CurbStand says they plan to launch several more collaborations with L.A. businesses this year.

The idea of easier times at the valet stand—where you don’t have to dig around for dollars or shortchange a hard worker—may mean more L.A. drivers take advantage of valet service, instead of driving in circles seeking free parking. We’re all so busy these days that sometimes it’s easier to just throw money at a problem, especially when it just takes a few jabs at your phone.