Blowing Up a Rolls-Royce Silver Shadow… For Art


Tyler Shields, a local inline skater/photographer, just blew up a gorgeous Rolls Silver Shadow—in the name of art, of course.

Shields made a video of the desert detonation, which looks like a pretty trite take on James Bond. Sturdy man in tux (played by Shields): check. Gorgeous blond in tight dress and sky-high heels: check. Expensive, pristine car: check. Dramatic explosion in slo-mo: check.

Maybe the video is a commentary on wealth and status symbols? Well, since you can find a Silver Shadow, made by Rolls between ’65 and ’80, on Ebay for $5,100, that point seems somewhat diluted (photos and video of the stunt are headed to a London gallery, anyway). Anyway, watch and judge below. Oh, and Shields certainly isn’t the first artist to destroy or embellish cars for their craft, according to Business Insider.