Beyoncé’s Bringing Car Sex Back

Queen Bey’s video, “Partition” has over 30 million views – is it her or that sexy Rolls-Royce?

Though Beyoncé released the music video for “Partition” on iTunes as part of her surprise, self-titled, visual album in December, the star recently shared the incredibly sexy single on YouTube. The video shows Beyoncé in barely-there burlesque outfits seducing Jay-Z and instructing, “driver, roll down the partition, please” so they can have some alone time in the back of a gorgeous Rolls-Royce.

Blame it on the Smart Car (read: zero legroom), but backseat lovin’ hasn’t been as mainstream in the media as it used to be. After seeing Beyonce getting sultry in the glow of those Rolls-Royce headlights, we think rich people going at it in luxury vehicles is a genre worth bringing back. Take note, music video producers. Here are five of our favorite car-phrodesiacs:

“Here I Go Again,” Whitesnake

“True Blue,” Madonna

“Born to Die,” Lana Del Rey

Y Tu Mamá También

And of course … Titanic

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