Auto Industry Gets Black Friday Goose

November car sales could break records

Detroit was slow to the Black Friday game—the industry only recently began using the country’s biggest shopping day as a marketing tool to unload inventory. In fact, for a long time, November was one of the lowest months for car sales. But those days have gone the way of the Edsel.

Even before this year’s Black Friday—which saw auto behemoths and local dealerships pushing discounts and sales just like department stores and fashion chains—the numbers were leading to a record November. It looks like the holiday push is likely to put the sales over the top and make this month the most profitable November ever, according to InAutoNews.

Edmunds is pegging the new car and truck sales this month at about 1.33 million, which would be close to the November record (purchases this past weekend will likely be twice what they were the prior). TrueCar is estimating 1.35 million new vehicle receipts, which would be a 3.9 percent increase from last year, and likely a November record.

The Black Friday deals were a factor—those that pushed sales, like Ford, Chevy, BMW, and Jeep, are expected to sit at the top of the sales heap. Sure, socks are an alright gift, but what about a Lexus?