Angelyne Wants to Show Off Her New Corvette


Over the last three decades, the mysterious Angelyne—and her hot pink Corvette—have become unmistakable Hollywood icons, though little is known about the elusive celebrity and her equally enigmatic ride. For the first time, Angelyne is revealing the secrets behind her signature sports car. In a forthcoming article, she takes L.A. Driver through the process of buying and customizing her 2015 pink corvette, while sharing some of her L.A. driving tips. Angelyne shows off the corvette’s high-powered insides, as well as its customized interior and accessories fit for a billboard queen. Follow Angelyne to high-end body shops and meet the team of auto specialists who tailor every detail to specification. You’ll even get to see how professionals mix paint to match her signature pink hue.

Stay tuned for Angelyne’s auto adventures, including some hot pink gossip, and whet your appetite with these pics.