A Roundup of Our Favorite Yelp Reviews of L.A. Freeways

One is written in iambic pentameter
Sure, Yelp is a great platform for checking out local businesses, finding the perfect vegan frozen yogurt shop, or dissing Trader Joe’s parking lots, but what about for reviewing L.A.’s freeways? Upon investigation, we found that the user comments about the 110, 405, and the 10 reach poetic heights. We give these reviews five stars:

Some reviews are ripe with sound advice.

Others are just plain punny.
While this one is not only saucy, but also contains a pretty genius idea. #freeparking
This Angeleno compares the 110 to glamorous Old Hollywood.
And this one provides an accurate history lesson.
But this review, in sonnet form, takes the cake, and eats it, too.

If the Bard ever had to deal with afternoon rush hour, we’re sure he’d say something similar.

All images courtesy yelp.