See a Fool in an Audi Drive Down Laurel Canyon in Reverse


This is some License to Drive mess: an Audi was captured traveling in reverse for two miles on Laurel Canyon Boulevard, even staying backward when the car approached frenetic Sunset Boulevard.

A driver traveling behind the Audi caught the joy ride on camera, which CBS Los Angeles broadcast recently (and aired via the L.A. Times). The footage shows the Audi somehow maneuvering around Laurel Canyon’s steep curves from Mulholland to Sunset, though it frequently crossed the double yellow line and probably caused a few grey hairs to sprout.

The car—which contained a male driver and a female passenger, according to the witness—was sporting dealer plates, which makes IDing the driver more difficult. But don’t worry, the LAPD is on it; just as soon as they get a handle on our huge crime jump.