Some Factoids on uberPOOL As It Celebrates One Year in L.A.

The rideshare has forever changed how the city gets around

UberPOOL, the inexpensive carpool version of Uber, launched in Los Angeles on February 19, 2015. While Uber—along with Lyft and Sidecar—had already altered the way L.A. gets around, POOL added a cheaper option, and took more cars off the road by using technology to match up people headed in the same direction and letting them ride together.

The folks at Uber shared the following information with us on POOL’s first year in L.A.:

• In just the past four months, POOL cut down on over 4.3 million miles of driving, which saved 80,000 gallons of gas and prevented 750 metric tons of emissions from entering our atmosphere

• The top three destinations for POOL in the city are Union Station, the Grove, and the Santa Monica Pier

• The average ride on POOL costs less than $10

• POOL rides now constitute 25% of all Uber trips in Los Angeles

Just this week, Uber announced that it’s partnering with Santa Monica College to encourage more use of POOL by students and faculty—that translates to a dedicated pick-up, drop-off spot on Pico and 18th Street, discounts for first-time users, and the funding by Uber of a new environmental studies scholarship.