A Humble Carpool Is the Center of the U.K.’s New Blockbuster Sitcom


Car Share, a little comedy about a supermarket manager and his employee sharing rides to work, has become the highest-rated sitcom to premiere in Britain in four years, reports The Guardian.

English comedian Peter Kay created the show where he portrays the protagonist, John, an assistant grocery manager who begins sharing rides to work with the store’s promotions manager, Kayleigh (played by Sian Gibson). The two chat and listen to pop tunes as they make their way around town in an adorable red Fiat.

The broad humor — in the pilot, John gets sprayed with Kayleigh’s urine sample — has seriously resonated with the British public and the BBC is already planning a second season (or series, as they call it).

American networks have already tried their hand at a show based on the seemingly-rich subject of carpooling, though to little avail. The Jerry O’Connell-starring Carpoolers lasted 13 episodes on ABC in 2007-2008.