82-Foot-Long Mega Buses May Soon Roam L.A.

The governor approves extra large vehicles for the Valley’s Orange Line

Jerry Brown quietly signed a bill this weekend that could make life a lot easier for many commuters in the city: the governor approved legislation that allows buses up to 82 feet long to operate in Los Angeles, the L.A. Times reports.

Don’t worry, these behemoths won’t be roaming quiet residential streets. They’re strictly for bus rapid transit lines, or routes that have their own exclusive lane, like the 14-mile Orange Line that connects Chatsworth to North Hollywood.

Currently, articulated Orange Line buses are up to 65 feet long and feature that accordion-like mid-section that simplifies turning. The longer buses will allow more passengers, ease crowding, and speed entry and exits.

An 80 foot long bus that debuted recently in China carries 300 passengers, while a 98 foot long bus is now weaving around the streets of Dresden, Germany, but actually carries less people; 256, to be exact.