6 Semi-Serious Ideas for Wilshire Boulevard’s Endangered Medians

Palm trees are great, but how about a ski lift?

As we mentioned earlier, Metro is removing medians along Wilshire Boulevard to make way for the Purple Line subway extension into Beverly Hills. Taking out 140 towering palm trees that line the medians—some of which were planted during a beautification effort in the 1980s)—is part of the project, though they will be replaced after the work wraps in a few years’ time.

While lush trees are our preference for the medians’ occupants, there are certainly other options we’re open to:

• Video screens broadcasting dog/cat/baby videos on loop to keep everyone calm and happy during rush hour

• The world’s shortest lazy river (with reclaimed grey water!)

• A set of Santa Monica-like staircases for fitness-minded folks

• Staging area for interpretive dance

• A ski lift for all those want a more scenic commute than what a subway can provide (and speedier than what a bus offers)

• A meditation space for advanced practitioners (just ignore those horns and sirens)