6 IKEA Steals to Transform Your Car Into A Living Room

You moved way past IKEA at home, but we bet you didn’t know those discount Swedish castoffs could add incredible comfort—and problem-solving style—your commute

With the amount of time you spend in your car, like it or not, it’s a second home. Inspired by one of our favorite sites, IKEA Hackers, we came up with these ways to turn your “leg room” into a “living room.”  Soon, your friends will be calling you the Märtha Stëwart of car interiors. No assembly required. 

“FLÖRT” The Passenger-Side Caddy:This remote control holder was meant to drape over a couch, but it translates beautifully to the car. Hang it over the empty passenger seat and store snacks, chargers, and those sunglasses you lose every other week. //  $4.99 

“SKUBB” The First Rate First Aid Organizer: This little box of compartments can slide under seats or live in the trunk – perhaps stacked with its brethren. The sections are great for organizing car essentials: first aid materials, jewelry, bags of Cheetohs … // $7.99 

“SORTERA” Commuter Composter: Do find yourself using old McDonald’s bags as trash containers? Try something way more hygienic: this rubbish bin, complete with a top. And trust us, that top makes all the difference. //  $24.99 

“TEJN” Fur for Your Footsies:
Barely two feet wide, this faux sheepskin rug is too small for your house, but it will fit perfectly where that boring rubber mat used to sit in front of the passenger seat. //  $9.99

“LOSJÖN” Backseat Closet Creator: Stick these to your back windows and voila! A place to hang scarves, bags, and those dry-clean-only dress shirts you keep promising to drop off. //  $7.99

“DRYCK FLÄDER” Juice Boxes for Adults: Small enough for the glove compartment, this elderflower drink will literally bring the taste of Sweden to your commute. Maybe not your usual living room nosh, but, hey, elderflower could be the next super food. // $2.99