5 Tools to Make Grocery Shopping on a Bike Easier

Burn off that Pirate’s Booty <em>and</em> avoid the parking lot

We’re still feeling the repercussions of the City Council’s recently-passed Mobility Plan, which advocates for more sidewalks and bike lanes at the expense of space for cars. The bike blog Flying Pigeon LA takes umbrage with the accusation by some auto enthusiasts that bikes are incompatible with shopping. Certainly, it takes a bit more planning, but avoiding the Trader Joe’s garage or circling around the Farmer’s Market will add years to your life. Here are some accessories to help you grocery shop on two wheels–just in case you want to give your car the weekend off:

Backpacks: Don’t try to carry a satchel over your shoulder, it will inevitable slip off and get caught in your spokes. You’ll be amazed at how much hummus, and wine, you can squeeze inside your old college knapsack. Or pick up a sturdy one via LL Bean.

Basket: Put a basket on it! Affix one on the front or back of your ride to easily haul a couple bags of groceries home. Check out a Helen’s bike shop to get started.

Rear rack: Linus sells plenty of adjustable rear racks, which you can attach groceries to via some sturdy bungee cords.

Panniers: They look bulky, but they’re super helpful. These bags attach to front or back racks and, according to the LADOT Bike Blog, are a weather-proof “solution for large amounts of groceries.” REI offers one that can be easily slipped off the bike and carried as a large tote.

Cargo trailer: Going to Costco? Strap on this puppy and you’re good to go. Jet.com has a trailer available for under $100 that it claims will “not affect the balance of your bike.” While that’s questionable, the storable size is not.