The 405 Video That’s Tickling, Horrifying the World

The beast, as seen from above

Whatever happened to traffic dying down around Thanksgiving? Congestion has been killer the past few days, and ABC7 captured the terror that is the 405 in a video shot on Tuesday night (the news affiliate should also be given props for its Twitter game, adding #MannequinChallenge to its tweet of the clip).

Since then, the video has gone viral, likely thanks to both the horror and majesty captured. National media is now using images of the footage to demonstrate holiday travel headaches.

The video shows the 405 through West L.A. in nearly complete gridlock, indicating we may have finally crossed over to China-sized jams. The good news is that L.A. County voters passed Measure M two weeks ago, meaning we’ll finally be getting an alternative—likely a light rail or subway line—to driving on that hellscape. Sadly, it won’t be for at least another decade until that happens, as environmental studies haven’t even begun.