4 Ways to Get to the Parking Lot-Deprived Culver City Metro Stop

One of the rail system’s most popular stations is losing its 585 spots

On most mornings, the vast parking lot at the Culver City Expo Line station is filled to the brim. Beginning on Valentine’s Day, all those commuters are going to have to figure out another plan because the entire lot is shuttering to make way for a large mixed-use development.

When the massive Ivy Station project is completed in two years, it will include 300 subterranean parking spots for Metro commuters. But what’s one to do now? Metro has suggested parking in downtown Culver City, specifically the Ince parking garage, and hoofing it a half-mile to the station. This option is practical for leisurely downtown dinners or lazy beach days, but rushing to work or school doesn’t really jive with this suggestion (it also will cost $3 to park at Ince).

The forthcoming Ivy Station development

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For the thousands of committed Culver City commuters, we have suggestions to stave off your parking panic:

Drop off. If you can snag a ride from a friend or loved one—or Lyft—tell them to drop you off on Washington or National (not Venice!). You can also de-car at the Surfa’s parking lot across the station from National. The cafe at the restaurant supply store is exceptional and it’s the only place to get a cup of coffee in the area save for the expensive Blue Bottle store at the Platform mall.

Bike. The Metro-run bike share is still woefully restricted to DTLA. If you have your own set of wheels, there’s ample bike parking at the station, including secure lockers. A bike hub, with rentals, is supposedly also coming to the station. You can also take your bike onto the train, but it’s mostly a nightmare during crowded rush hour.

Bus. If you take the bus to the station, your transfer is free. The Metro buses that run along Venice Boulevard will get you there (33 and 733), as well as the 17 line from West Hollywood. The Big Blue Bus 17 and the Culver City 1 and 7 all go to the station, as well. LADOT’s Commuter Express, which travels from the Financial District to Marina del Rey, also serves the Culver stop.

Park at La Cienega, Bundy, or Sepulveda. La Cienega/Jefferson and Expo/Sepulveda stations both have multi-story parking garages that are almost never full. La Cienega is free until March and charges $3 a day after that; Sepulveda is already charging the same fee. Expo/Bundy has 150 parking spots along Exposition that aren’t covered; same fee applies (more info on Expo parking here).