Shift Drink: Caña Rum Bar’s Danielle Crouch

Plus, her recipe for an after-work Daiquiri
Danielle Crouch, of Caña Rum Bar, knows a thing or two about rum. You have to when behind the bar at LA’s rum mecca and ode to all things agricoleCaña has one of the largest selections of small-batch rum in the country, so you can imagine it would be hard to choose a favorite. Read on to find out which one Danielle prefers to dip into after work and how to make her classic, simple cocktail at home.
What’s your shift drink?
“My go-to shift drink is naturally, a Daiquiri.  Since working in the rum cave that is Caña, my appreciation for rum has really been solidified.  It is a spirit that shows so much breadth across the category and there is no better way to appreciate the work of the distiller than to highlight it in the cocktail that [Caña GM] Allan Katz describes as, “nature’s most perfect alcohol delivery system.”  My top choice for rum in a daiquiri? Appleton White.  It brings some tremendous banana notes and the brightness is unmatched.  I can feel the woes of a busy night melt away at first sip.”  

Natural Daiquiri

2 oz. Appleton White Rum

1 oz. fresh lime juice

.75 oz. raw sugar simple

Shake & strain up.  Enjoy!