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7th St. & Grand Ave.

3 for the Road

Where to drink nearby
By Caroline Pardilla


Bar Jackalope
The cozy back bar inside Seven Grand is for the most serious swillers of whiskey. There are 120 varieties, including rarities like Pappy and Balvenie Tun 1401. » 515 W. 7th St., 213-614-0736.

Nothing’s more refreshing than a postworkout cocktail, but only Los Angeles Athletic Club members have access to the 100-year-old bar with a brand-new cocktail program. » 431 W. 7th St., 213-625-2211.

Ham & Eggs Tavern
Low-key can be hard to find in L.A., which is why we love this unassuming live music venue. » 433 W. 8th St., 213-891-6939. 

Packed with Flavor

Once a food wasteland, this humble strip is abloom with great restaurants By Daniela Galarza

When Bottega Louie opened at 7th and Grand in 2009, the intersection in front of the 225-seat restaurant and patisserie was so neglected, it didn’t have a streetlight, never mind a $20 artichoke pizza. Bar maestro Cedd Moses had primed the block for a lively drinking scene with Seven Grand just a few years earlier, but a single malt goes down smoother before or after a nice meal. Bottega Louie’s success has inspired several new restaurants, many a macaron’s throw away. There are more in development, including Red Bird, a culinary collaboration between restaurant investor Bill Chait (Rivera, Bestia) and BLD’s Neal Fraser.

Thrills and Gills
Q Hiroyuki Naruke offers only 26 seats, making his 20-course Edo-style sushi (a technique dating to the 1700s) experience as intimate as the fish is flavorful. 521 W. 7th St., 213-225-6285.

→ Sugarfish Popular chef Kazunori Nozawa added this gem (the chain’s third) to the jewelry district. 600 W. 7th St., 213-627-3000.

Latin Class
Más Malo The crispy beef-and-pickle tacos are just as addictive as they are at the Silver Lake location, but here they’re slightly groovier. 515 W. 7th St., 213-985-4332.

Mo-Chica Alpaca stew? Don’t knock it till you’ve tried Ricardo Zarate’s Peruvian home-style cooking. 514 W. 7th St., 213-622-3744.

Boba Fete
Boba 7 (aka Labobatory) In the back of the casual and consistently crowded Thai restaurant Soi 7 is one of L.A.’s most distinctive speakeasies: a cocktail bar that makes drinks with sweet tapioca-ball tea as the main ingredient. 518 W. 7th St. 213-538-8022

The Discreet Aesthete

Unseen DTLA: Trinity Auditorium

831 S. Grand Ave.


A century ago architect Thornton Fitzhugh created the beaux arts building for the Methodist church. News reports at the time noted that the nine-story house of worship also had a hotel, cafeteria, rooftop garden, library, gymnasium, smoking room, bowling alley, nursery, barbershop, and hospital as well as 16 club rooms. After the building closed, the property was sold to the New York-based Chetrit Group in 1998. Plans for its restoration seem to be on hold. Chetrit also owns the shuttered Clark Hotel and Giannini Place nearby.

Photographs by Squire Fox