Dining After Dark

What it’s Like to Work the Graveyard Shift at Norms

You may not recall your 2 a.m. diner high jinks, but this waitress does

Inside the L.A. Chef After Party

Photographer Andrea Bricco followed some of L.A.’s top chefs through one evening’s post-shift adventures

A Breakdown of Echo Park’s Tortilla Trifecta

Known as the taco triangle, the streets of the east side neighborhood are home to three major players in the battle for club-kid sustenance

Doughnut Time! When to Get Winchell’s’ Freshest Fritters and Old Fashioneds

Wee-hour dining rarely includes a dessert course—unless it’s fried dough

Phoning it In: 4 Great Late-Night Delivery Options

Even after-hours some cravings aren't inconvenient

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