Your 2012 Oscar Night Drinking Game


What’s Oscar night without a little bit of booze? Here at Los Angeles magazine we’ve created a helpful drinking game to enliven your Academy Award-watching experience.

Keep a drink handy, this year’s telecast is sure to be full of toast-prompting moments.

Take A Drink When:

-A red carpet reporter describes a celebrity’s outfit as a tribute to “Old Hollywood”

-Each time Billy Crystal breaks into song

-The camera cuts to Uggie, the canine star of The Artist

-Someone mispronounces a title in the Best Foreign Film category

-Any time an award winner begins their acceptance speech with “I didn’t prepare a speech…”

-Someone makes a joke about the length of the telecast

-An award winner thanks more than ten people 

-After a joke, the camera cuts to a reaction shot of Brad Pitt, George Clooney, or Ryan Gosling

-Each time Billy Crystal makes a joke about any of the following:
          The 2012 Presidential election
          Eddie Murphy
          The French
          Girls with dragon tattoos
          “Money” or “balls”
          James Franco

Enjoy your Monday morning hangover!