Valerie Confections Returns to Its Farmers Market Roots This Weekend

The popular booth is back in Hollywood after an extended hiatus—and they’ve got a lot of pie

“I can’t imagine what our company would look like today had we never set up shop on the fabulous corner of Cosmo and Selma,” says Valerie Gordon, co-founder of Valerie Confections, referring to the location of her original booth the Hollywood Farmers’ Market. The Valerie at the Market booth was where many Angelenos got their first taste of the Gordon’s hand pies, galettes, and preserves. It also provided the impetus for the brand to enter the world of savories.

“Our market booth forced me to create a collection of unique, seasonal pastries and jams at a time when Valerie Confections only made petits fours and chocolates. Each week, we shopped at our neighbor’s booths and used the locally grown produce in our products,” says Gordon. “The pastry collection continued to grow during our four years at the Hollywood Farmers’ Market and several savory pastries were developed in conjunction with the sweet.”

Valerie Gordon and Stan Weightman Jr. at their original booth at the Hollywood Farmers' Market
Valerie Gordon and Stan Weightman Jr. at their original booth at the Hollywood Farmers’ Market

Photo courtesy of Valerie Confections

Now, after an extended hiatus, which Gordon spent getting her two cafes up and running, Valerie Confections is set to go back to the booth the weekend. The menu will include the wide selection of specialties, including scones, cakes, cookies and breads, that customers used to look forward to every Sunday. To mark the return, the booth will be hosting a pie party, featuring bacon-potato hand pie, apple and caramel slab pie, and strawberry rhubarb pie among other flavors and fillings.

Why has Gordon decided to go back to the market? Impassioned customer demand mostly, she tells us: “When we pulled back from the Hollywood Market, we had no idea how much we would upset our regular Hollywood Farmers’ Market customers! Over the past several months we have received calls and e-mails from too many people to deny that Hollywood Farmers’ Market plays an integral component in our company’s landscape.”

Gordon considers the outpour of requests a huge compliment and feels the timing is right for the move. “We have continued to shop at Hollywood Farmers’ Market every Sunday for our cafes at Grand Central Market and in Echo Park, so it makes sense for us to return and continue serving pies and pastries to our loyal customers.”

Valerie Confections returns to the Hollywood Farmers’ Market this Sunday, February 28 from 8:00 a.m.-1:00 p.m.