You Are What You Eat: Real-Life Doughnut Döppelgangers

Photographer Brandon Voges creates Donut Double series

Saying someone looks like a doughnut might not sound like the biggest compliment, but in the case of one photographers breakfast-inspired series, it turned out pretty flattering.

With the help of Strange Donuts in St. Louis, lifestyle photographer Brandon Vogues paired humans with custom-made donuts, including a puffy head of hair matched with chocolate shavings and a dribble of jelly mirroed by a tough dude’s bloodied nose. The images were commissed for a breakfast event by the National Restaurant Association, and we’re sure everyone was very hungry. After checking out the pictures, you can also take quiz to find out what kind of doughnut you are!

Not since Eddie Izzard’s stand-up special Dressed to Kill has “I am a doughnut” ever been so literal.

See the full photo series here.