Yelp Fight! Brendan Collins Drops Awesome British Slang in Altercation with Disgruntled Diner

“Toffee nosed entitled w*nker” is going to be everyone’s new favorite insult

UPDATE: 9/23, 11:56 a.m: Chef Collins has since deleted his Yelp response to the disgruntled diner and issued the following statement via Facebook. He cites a lack of decorum and tact in his actions but also specifies the importance behind standing up for his staff. And his closing hashtag is definitely chuckle-worthy.
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In the blue corner, wearing chef’s whites, checked pants, and kitchen-appropriate clogs: Brendannnn Collins! Nicknamed (by us at least) the British Bulldog, Collins has been has been associated with more Michelin-starred restaurants than the entire city of L.A., but when it comes to internet spats he’s greener than the pistachios in Birch’s rabbit baklava. This is Collins’ first ever Yelp fight.

And in the red corner, donning a keyboard and a veil of relative anonymity, Catherrrrrine R! This Beverly Hills Yelper has given out two one-star reviews and one five-star in her amateur restaurant critiquing career—and she won’t be blinded by Collins’ otherwise stellar reputation.

After Catherine and husband had an allegedly disappointing Sunday Roast lunch at Birch (which she decided to try after reading Patric Kuh’s review!) she threw down the internet gauntlet in spectacular fashion. Let’s see how this plays out.

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Catherine comes out throwing haymakers: claims of bland tartare, amateurish fish ‘n’ chips, unaccommodating servers, and a negligent chef. Then, for the first time in his decorated career Collins would throw e-punches back (this Yelp post has since been deleted).

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Of all the public Yelp altercations between chefs and diners, this one might have the highest entertainment value to curse word ratio. Aside from one choice drop of the w-bomb (is wanker even a bad word in America?) both parties kept their insults clean and creative—a nice change of pace from when Tam O’Shanter’s executive chef threatened to kill a customer and turn her into soup a few months back. 

Now that chef Collins and Catherine R. are done duking it out, vote below to crown a winner!

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