X-Factor: The Santa Barbara Sea Urchin at Providence (#3)

A blissful union of egg and uni earned top-three placement

For our May issue (on newsstands now!), we rallied our appetites to come up with our list of “The 75 Best Restaurants in L.A.” What were those extra little somethings that helped each spot rise above the rest? Here, we showcase the X-Factors.

Chef Michael Cimarusti’s Providence is definitely where you go for a sublime tasting menu, but the dish that takes it to the next level is the Santa Barbara Sea Urchin. This simple comfort is the triple threat of haute cuisine: the finest product, a master chef, and an opulent presentation inside an egg shell. The creamy, soft scrambled egg is coaxed together with the sea urchin in a blissful, savory union, forcing you to take smaller and smaller bites to prolong the experience of eating a rich, custard-like medley. It’s the work of an expert hand, and if the meal were any bigger, it would be too much of a good thing.  You need to save yourself for the other courses, but you can always add a $20 caviar supplement to sweeten the restraint.

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