Would You Drink Beer Made From Avocados?

Angel City Brewery’s newest ale pays tribute to California’s most famous fruit.

This Saturday, August 24, L.A.’s own Angel City Brewery is throwing an Avocado Festival. To celebrate avocado season and his 100th brew of the year, Angel City brewer Dieter Foerstner will serve up Avocado Ale, a guacamole-inspired brew.

Foerstner is known for his avant garde beers: he counts among his brews the French Sip (inspired by L.A.’s French Dip sandwich) and Pickle Weisse—a tart, light-bodied, straw-colored ale blended with pickles. Proving that beer may be the most adaptable of fermented foods is Foerstner’s brand new Avocado Ale.

This isn’t the first time a brewer has attempted to capture the lush, sunny flavor of avocados. Island Brewing Company’s Avocado Honey Ale was a short-lived version that used avocado honey (honey made from bees who pollinated avocado flowers) to honor the green orb.

So, would you try avocado beer? Be among the first to sample the new brew at this Saturday’s Avocado Festival. Be sure to bring your guacamole game—festivities include a competition, avocado-inspired eats, and live music.