Danny Trejo is About to Open a Donut Shop Because Sometimes Our Prayers Are Directly Answered

Trejo’s latest venture, a new coffee and donuts joint, is opening ”very soon”

You can’t miss it. It’s visible for blocks. Hell, you can probably see it from space. The new Trejo’s Donuts at the corner of Santa Monica and Highland is bright pink. Because when you think action-star-who-throws-knives-at-the-hero-in-movies-selling-you-breakfast-pastries, it really is the only color.

In case you missed the informal announcement a couple weeks back, Danny Trejo is opening a donuts and gourmet coffee joint where Donut Time used to be. New to the L.A. food scene, the actor has rolled out a cantina, taco stand, food truck, and this very aggressive breakfast burrito. The donut shop is now hiring. Trejo has promised a gluten-free donut, and his restaurants are known for their vegan fare, so we can probably expect some quality eats and drinks.

Trejo’s Donuts is expected to open “very soon,” said a rep for Trejo.