Relive Your Trick-or-Treating Days with These Grown-Up Halloween Sweets

Sophisticated takes on Snickers, Twix, peanut butter cups and more

The days of trick-or-treating are gone for most of us (unless you have kids whose bags you get to raid while they rest they’re sugar-filled heads on Halloween night). But that doesn’t mean the “treat” part of the equation has to end. Here are eight sweets that will make you forget the free candy you long for—and you don’t have knock on anyone’s door to get them.

“Snickers” at Tavern
Snickers is hands-down one of the best candy bars. There’s nougat, salty caramel, peanuts, and a chocolate coating bringing it all together. The famous “snickers” bar at Tavern in Brentwood has all that, only elevated to a fabulous dessert that you can eat in or even take to go (from the Larder). There’s peanut butter, puffed rice, a dreamy peanut nougat, Bavarian chocolate cream, and of course a slick chocolate coating. At the restaurant it’s served with caramel and vanilla ice cream, which we’re pretty sure you didn’t get with your Snickers bar from Mr. Jones across the street when you were 10.
1648 San Vicente Blvd., Brentwood, 310-806-6464

Peanut Butter Truffles at John Kelly Chocolates
Getting more Reese’s Peanut Butter cups than any other candy in your Halloween haul was like winning the lottery when you were a kid. And sure, you can go to any drugstore and pick up a bag of foil-wrapped originals that you conveniently forget to put into the candy bowl to pass out on October 31—but that’s for chumps. For a sophisticated take on the classic, stop at the Hollywood or Santa Monica boutiques. The creamy peanut butter truffles robed in silky chocolate with Himalyan pink salt sprinkled on top are the perfect balance of salty-sweet.
1508 N. Sierra Bonita Ave., Hollywood, 800-609-4243
1111 ½ Montana Ave., Santa Monica, 310-899-0900

“Twix” Bars at Jamaica’s Cakes
Known more for her tiered creations for weddings and other special occasions, pastry goddess Jamaica Crist has a lot of other desserts up her sleeves, all available at her West LA shop. Her ode to the Twix bar is pretty simple—a shortbread cookie with a layer of caramel covered in chocolate—is a regular offering, but you should call ahead to make sure she has some available. Or just order a platter of them at least 48 hours in advance.
11511 W. Pico Blvd., West L.A., 310-478-1971

Fancy Chocolate Bars at Compartes
Like Willy Wonka, chocolatier Jonathan Grahm is as much a candymaker as he is a designer of all things fanciful and delicious. His new line of signature, premium chocolate bars come in many flavors with colorful, artistic packaging to boot. Dark chocolate bars with pretzels, popcorn or almonds are tops; they’ll put anything from Hershey’s to shame. Pick them up at both the original Brentwood or new West Hollywood locations.
912 S. Barrington Ave., Brentwood, 310-826-3380
8428 Melrose Place, West Hollywood, 310-826-3380

Candy Corn at Faith & Flower
“This is for all the haters,” executive pastry chef Josh Graves says on Instagram. “I love candy corn, especially when it’s freshly made.” He’s so right. Find the tri-colored candy at the downtown L.A. restaurant all week. We’re pretty sure wined director Jared Hooper knows exactly what kind of vino to drink with candy corn, too. Just ask.
705 W. 9th St., Downtown,  213-239-0642

Caramel Apples at Mother Moo Creamery
The Sierra Madre ice cream and dessert shop has freshly-dipped caramel apples for the fall. Hey, there’s an apple inside; you can add it to your fruit quota for the day. With all the decorations, the foothill village is particularly charming this time of year
17 Kersting Ct., Sierra Madre, 626-355-9650

Gummies From The Organic Candy Factory
When Piper Cochrane’s daughter wanted to open a candy store, the smart mom insisted it be organic. The Organic Candy Factory was born. The gummies are all developed and made in L.A., including gummy bears and squishy, squirmy worms. And the candies are free of pesticides, gluten, preservatives, corn syrup, gelatin, and artificial flavors and sweeteners—and somehow still good! They also have a huge celebrity following, if that matters. Find the candies at all Williams-Sonoma locations, plus at a few shops around L.A., including Clementine and Farmshop.

Cookies at The Village Bakery
You know how there was always that one person who made their own treats? Yeah, you never ate them. So make up for all that wasted sugar by eating the fun, holiday-themed cookies at the Atwater Village bakery and café. Every year there’s a special 15 Days of Halloween celebration where a new sweet-treat is unveiled every day for two weeks leading up to October 31. There are peanut butter eyeballs, rice crispy Frankenstein’s, chocolate puddings with RIP cookie grave stones, monster cupcakes, and Jack o’ Lantern pies. But the cookies, like chocolate skeletons and voodoo dolls, are just some of the cutest things in town. Watch the Facebook page for the day’s offerings.
3119 Los Feliz Blvd., Atwater Village, 323-662-8600