Where Phillip Frankland Lee Eats and What He Orders

The Gadarene Swine chef reveals his five favorite L.A. dishes

At The Gadarene Swine in Studio City, chef Phillip Frankland Lee largely focuses on vegetables. But anybody who knows the chef from Scratch Bar on La Cienega’s restaurant row knows this is a man who also loves meat and seafood. Here’s where and what he likes to eat when he’s not behind the stoves.

1. Lemon pepper shrimp from Hot N Juicy Crawfish

“The shrimp is served in a plastic bag and with a bib and gloves. It’s super messy!”

2. Rare pan beef with lemon from Pho So 1

“I grew up three blocks from the Van Nuys location and have been ordering this dish for 15 years.”

3. Corned beef reuben from Greenblatt’s Deli

“I call this the $50 Sandwich because I never get out of Greenblatt’s for under 50 bucks.”

4. Omakase from Cafe Sushi

“I often get out late, and they serve until 1 a.m. I sit at the sushi bar, and the guys feed me until I ask them to stop.”

5. Jellyfish salad from Full House Seafood

“It is open until 3 a.m., and the food is just so good.”