What’s Your Sign? Zodiac Bar Looks to the Stars for Cocktail Inspiration

Astrology guides mixology at a new rooftop pop-up in Century City

Walk into any bar in Los Angeles, and you’re liable to hear the words “What’s your sign?” It’s one of the oldest pickup lines in the book, and in L.A., where astrology is gospel, the question serves as a genuine conversation starter. But at Zodiac Bar, a pop-up at rooftop restaurant Terra, it won’t be the hipster swigging his small-batch IPA asking if you’re a Gemini or a Pisces—instead, it’ll be the bartender. Zodiac Bar, which opened over the weekend and runs every Saturday brunch until October 2, is mixing things up by crafting custom cocktails for each guest’s astrological sign.

Located on the third floor of Eataly Los Angeles, Terra offers open-air dining, views of the Hollywood Hills, and a wood-burning grill. Now it’s partnered with the Spirit Guild, a Los Angeles craft distillery, to bring Zodiac Bar to its rooftop refuge. The Spirit Guild playfully compares its process of turning California citrus into liquor to alchemy, the ancient belief in turning base metals to gold. This flirtation with magic prompted them to explore “other occult methods of knowing thyself, such as astrology,” and start selling Zodiac cocktail kits on their website.


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Eataly’s beverage manager, Luigi Capasso, spoke with us about crafting Zodiac Bar’s custom cocktails using the Spirit Guild’s kits as a launching point. “Since this is a pop-up bar with one person behind it, we wanted to offer something fun and original without impacting the quality. We created some original syrups that will easily mix with [the customer’s] base spirit of choice, determining the predominant flavor and the color based on the element.”

You’ll have to visit Zodiac Bar to see for yourself if your astrological sign demands a pink and fruity concoction or a spicy, herbaceous blend. “As per each individual sign, we offer garnishes (herbs and fruits) based on the biodynamic moon cycle of the stars (we did a bit of astrological research),“ Capasso says. Each drink is served with an “astrological affirmation” on a spiffy Zodiac coaster created by Eataly’s graphics team.

Not only will you be sipping a potion written for you by the stars, but you’ll also be giving back to the community. Eataly is donating a portion of the proceeds from each cocktail to Restaurants Care, an organization that provides financial relief to California restaurant workers.

Bring your most crystal-loving friend, but make sure mercury isn’t in retrograde when you go. We don’t want any spilled drinks.

Terra at Eataly, 10250 Santa Monica Blvd., Century City.

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