What Do We Want? A Taco Emoji! When Do We Want It? Now!

Los Angeles magazine gets behind the campaign for a taco emoji.

It’s National Taco Day, and while we generally dislike all of the weak excuses for food holidays, especially the ones with weak websites, we thought this would be a good moment to get in on the taco emoji campaign.

Wait, what’s an emoji? OK, we understand that not everyone out there is familiar with the concept of these colorful little icons. Here’s a primer: Like an emoticon on steroids, emojis are delightful little images that translate from the Japanese into pictograph—the word literally means “picture” (e) + “letter” (moji). There are hundreds of them, and many of the most popular ones represent food items. Different operating systems offer different collections of these tiny icons. Here’s are the ones available on the iPhone OS.