What Curtis Stone Wants To Cook For You—All Week Long

The Top Chef Masters ’ host, who has an L.A. restaurant in the works, discusses his new cookbook What’s For Dinner?

Illustration by Andy Friedman

Your latest book organizes recipes by day of the week. Why structure it that way?

I think different days of the week have different culinary challenges. For instance, weekends tend to be a bit indulgent, so on Mondays I like to balance the score with a superhealthy meal. Other days, I’m looking for something I can whip up in less than 30 minutes or serve to friends at a dinner party.

So what makes Korean steak tacos a “Tuesday” dish?
Tuesdays tend to be busy, and these tacos can be pulled together in 40 minutes, even less if you start marinating the steak on Monday night. Good food doesn’t always need hours and hours to prepare. This chapter is testament to that.

How often do you get to cook these days?
Traveling throws a wrench in the works, but whenever I’m home, I cook. Especially now that my son is eating more solid foods.