Wexler’s Deli Is All Set to Sell Smoked Fish to Go

House-smoked salmon and sturgeon, sold by the pound, will be available starting Friday

As much as we love noshing on Wexler’s Deli’s perfected lox on a bagel with cream cheese while taking in the scene at Grand Central Market, we’ve always kind of wished we could enjoy it in our pajamas, too. Well, that fantasy is now a reality because, starting this Friday, the Downtown spot will offer smoked sturgeon and salmon to go.

Known for his old-school methods, owner and chef Micah Wexler smokes his fish in house daily. The process includes first curing the fish in a salt-and-spice blend, then slowly smoking it over applewood. The salmon is sustainably raised and sourced from the Faroe Islands (about half way between Norway and Sweden), making for some of the smoothest, most flavorful lox you’ll find in L.A.

A limited quantity of both sturgeon and hand-sliced salmon will be available every day for $24 per half pound. They open at 8 a.m., so get there early!

redarrowWexler’s Deli, 317 S Broadway St., at Grand Central Market