Weird Cake Art!


Since our cultural fascination with all things cake will not cease, La Luz de Jesus gallery will be showcasing the sculptures of artist Scott Hove starting April 6. His cake-themed sculptures explore the concept of the apocalypse—the End of Days—using his signature technique that’s much better explained by the gallery: 

“Utilizing traditional cake decorating tools and techniques with acrylic media to render extremely realistic looking wall-hanging cakes and immersive kaleidoscopic installations. These are then accessorized with decidedly un-cake-like items such as taxidermy jaws, hypodermic needles, plastic insects and other objects which counterbalance the typical sense of happiness and positive expectation associated with a delicious looking cake.” 

See, we were just gonna say, “creepy and delicious.” There’s an opening reception at the gallery on April 6 from 8 to 11 p.m. where we hope they will be serving cake. Just not, you know, this cake. More information.