Weekly Heritage Hog Dinners At Palate

Octavio Becerra is really taking his Cochon 555 training seriously. Not up on your whole hog cooking competitions?On May 1, the nationwide pork cooking tour, Cochon 555, is finally coming to L.A. At each stop on the ten-city tour, five chefs will each prepare a 175-pound heritage breed hog, from nose to tail to trotters, to be served with the wines from five different winemakers. Diners (which could include you) will vote on their favorite pig preparation to crown a winner. The goal of this serious pork-out is to promote sustainable farming of heritage pig breeds and to connect local farmers with like-minded chefs and winemakers. And, of course, to eat a lot of pig parts.

The L.A. competitors make for one tough group: Chad Colby of Mozza, Suzanne Tracht of Jar, Ben Ford of Ford’s Filling Station, Joshua Wingham of The Bazaar, and Octavio Becerra of Palate. While we’re sure all five chefs mean business, Becerra is taking his training to the next level. To prepare for the heat of battle, the Palate chef is hosting “Pig Out at Palate” every Wednesday for the month of April. Each week the kitchen will utilize an entire heritage pig for the communal four-course dinners.

The menu for April 6 includes a bacon-wrapped farm egg with Georgia grits, fava bean pesto, and warm trotter vinaigrette and a roasted Berkshire pork rack with spicy broccoli. The dinners ($75 per person) take place every Wednesday at 7 p.m. Call for reservations at 818-662-9463

To purchase tickets to the big event on May 1, taking place at Vibiana in the Historic Core, visit cochon55.com. Sooey!