“Weed” Dinner Lottery Opens Today, Dude


[email protected], the Laurent Quenioux pop-up which usually takes place at downtown’s eccentric Starry Kitchen, is throwing a special, underground dinner dedicated to all things “herb”—and we’re not talking about basil here, bud. On April 1 (why not the 20th? we keep wondering), the restaurant will invite 30 carefully selected diners to enjoy a Weed + Chinese Herb Dinner at an undisclosed location. Each of the dinner’s seven to eight courses will be focused around various Eastern medicinal herbs including, but not limited to, cannabis. Examples include Monkfish Cheek Congee and Cannabis Pesto and Cannabis and Chinese Herb Silky Bantham Beggars Chicken. The organizers emphasize the dishes probably won’t have enough THC to get anyone very high, but that hasn’t discouraged the deafening buzz (ahem) around the “secret” event.

If any of this has managed to cut through the Phish jams blasting in your van and piqued your interest (and you happen to have the required $150 per person fee stuffed between the bucket seats), you can enter a lottery for one of the coveted 30 slots starting today. This is no ordinary dinner, however, and neither is the lottery system. Interested parties need to answer personality questions like, “If you could live your life as a potato chip, what would you be?” and “So Laurent has decided to take the ‘Last Train to Clarksville’… which one of The Monkees would you decide to ride with him and why?”

Did we just blow your mind? Great, then this diner’s for you. Click here to register.